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Parabolic Softbox SB-018

35"/90cm  Parabolic Softbox with Grid and Carrying Bag, Portable Softbox for LED Lights and Studio Flash with Bowens Mount, Studio Flash Umbrella Diffuser

  • Parabolic Softbox: Diameter: 35.4inches/90cm; Depth: 25.6inches/65cm; Made of superior highly reflective fabric, professional silver embossed linings that are highly reflective to create soft diffused lighting effect. Sturdy and durable; Easy to use. All metal parts with Premium industrial construction. You can produce beautiful diffused light after simple and easy express setup
  • Removable Diffuser with Grid: Removable internal diffuser and external diffuser allow you to soften the light while lowering exposure by 2.1 stop. Different levels softness can be controlled. Equipped with grids, the gird can be installed on the softbox easily. Fabric grid included to tighten beam angle and help control unwanted light
  • Steel Wire Bracket: Strong toughness and high strength enough to support the softbox, making it work for a long time without deformation. With Bowens mount, it is suitable for photography led light, speedlite, flash, moonlight and more
  • 【Attention Lock & Unlock Method】
  • 1. Opening: Please Pull all the rods until they lock in place to open the softbox.
  • 2. Folding: Lift the softbox, press the button and pull up the rod to release. Repeat the step for each rod. (as shown in pic)
  • Versatile Applications: It helps to make the outline of the object clearer;
  • Ideal for shooting of wedding, commercial advertising, fashion and portrait,live stream and so on.
  • Note: The flash and light stand are NOT included. It is compatible with all kinds of VISICO STUDIO STROBE LIGHT and LED LIGHT with bowens mount .

35.4 inches/90 centimeters
25.6 inches/65 centimeters
Carrying Bag Diameter:
8.7 inches/22 centimeters
Carrying Bag Length:
31.9 inches/81 centimeters
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