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Maximum draught of 2020
2020/4/21 9:20:19
Professional beauty makeup, food,taobao shopping live
VISICO LED ring light provide you a perfect solution
VISICO5 TTL outdoor photography light with High-speed Coagulation
2017/9/27 14:01:12
The flashlight progresses fast in recent years. Especially the large flashlight section, the operating system with original small flashlights has been...
Portrait photography special edition
2017/3/25 16:24:21
Use a portrait
Understand his/her traits of character
Read the story behind his/ her ......
7 effective ways to break through the dilemma of photography
2017/3/25 15:51:34
Sometimes, we will be afraid of take out the camera, it’s not the fear of began to learning photography, but is the weary of after long time progress.
How to make your photography works catch the eyes
2017/3/25 15:38:41
Sharing learning basic aesthetic and their relationship between the images. It’s a great help in the photography composition!
How to shoot the texture of the object
2017/3/25 15:18:59
The Oxford dictionary of texture is defined“when you touch some surface、object or fabric feeling”, such as “rough smooth hard or soft, etc”......
You can take photo everywhere!
2017/3/24 14:32:50
Most people think if you want to take the professional portrait photography, it must be spend a large sum of money and in full of the equipment of the studio, actually it’s not true.
2016“visico” portrait creative photography contest
2017/3/24 14:24:59
A flash, a soft box can take ten kinds of effects
2017/3/24 13:37:39
Studio lights with soft box is many photographers commonly used equipment ,but how many sets are enough? From the photography Tony Corbell teching, tech you only use a flash and a soft ,you can take ten kinds of effects......
VISICO Suopu company ,happy trip to Qingdao for three days!
2017/3/24 13:26:22
In order to strength the employee’s sense of belonging and promote to set up the enterprise culture,enhance the company's cohesion and centripetal force,at same time highlight the......
Let the picture no longer color
2017/3/24 11:13:42
Although the camera white balance now has been very accurate,many times still ambient light,t he photos will partial color, how to restore the really color?It’s important to find the gray in the picture.
From Germany studio photography and lighting skills | skills
2017/3/24 11:05:11
studio photography can creat a visible image immediately,but at the same time it also bring some invisible characteristic——This objtct is plane or solid?
How is the birth of foreign dream blockbusters ?| Video
2017/3/24 10:53:30
When the painter meets photographer, what kind of spark will friction?
When photographer“partner”VISICO4 wireless remote control high-speed outside lights, and what kind of good works will be created?
24 kinds of portrait lighting picture and rendering
2017/3/24 10:44:50
Portrait photographers unable to use lighting is like who just can press the shutter, Digital Camera World website to share this portrait lighting guide,24 kinds of lighting modes and effects at a glance, believe love photography you finish see there must be harvested!
Master the balance between the color and composition
2017/3/24 10:20:53
The composition of imagery ,usually include the color and content of composition ,Many times relative to scenery photography, portrait creation controllability is higher in these two parts......
Have base you will have a breakthrough,must be master the classic lighting.
2017/3/23 11:24:26
The fastest way to learn a skill is to imitate , the same as photography, on this basis that you will make breakthrough......
Use opportunely details, capture like delicate beauty
2017/3/23 11:12:07
We often see in magazines or TV in some stunning portrait, or majestic Or beautiful, let countless photographers and hobby photography people envy......
All the people are crazy shooting total lunar eclipse, just missing you!!!
2017/3/23 10:59:30
We have been wait for a long time, finally the total lunar eclipse came, V can’t control the excited mood for the photography enthusiasts summary of《total lunar eclipse of photography little secret》......
VISICO5 TTL high speed outdoor flash * Creative shooting trip in UK
2016/10/20 14:19:10
VISICO5 TTL high speed outdoor flash is the main star products of VISICO company in the outdoor photography field. ...
VISICO 2016 Photo&Film Expo South Africa
2016/10/7 12:34:51
The PHOTO&FILM EXPO has developed since 2009 into the continents' largest event catering to photographers and filmmakers, and has been referred to as one of the worlds' leading photographic events.
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