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7 effective ways to break through the dilemma of photography
Datetime:2017/3/25 15:51:34
 Sometimes, we will be afraid of take out the camera, it’s not the fear of began to learning photography, but is the weary of after long time progress. When take out the camera only can complete the task simply, lack of the creation inspiration, isn’t that frightening? Full of creativity photography and rigid photography are completely different, but sometimes have to pick up the camera to complete the photography tasks. Foreign photographer Nick Sparks after completed the 365 photography project, find out the breakthrough the dilemma method. The bellow will introduce the experience can help you breakthrough the dilemma, don’t miss it.

Get rid of, go outdoor shooting any time

Rigorous photography enthusiasts hope to make pre-planning before shooting, prepare props and equipment. Everything is perfect, will truly go out shooting. Actually I’m quit agree with the make prepare in advance, but when meet a bottleneck, even take time to conception, also won’t have good result.

To break the bottleneck of ideas dried up use action directlygo out to try the new subject directly didn’t  noticed things before, feel boring things in before……. These all canThe important is that can give you the fresh information, stimulate inspiration don’t be afraidon impulse,  avoid to ignore  the hope in heart.

With color theme as the shoot direction

Choose a single color as subject, for most people say that is a new attempt, suggest at least the same color is the color of the match. Different colors have different emotion to express, choose one of the color you like, such as calm blue or vibrant orange.

Shoot a single color after skilled you can also try to collocation, this is a new attempt in the new area.

Capture the mood understand ourselves

The past shoot experience will lead us to trigger the inspiration. For example we want to shoot the feeling ofhappiness, we will remember the once  happy memories, recall that emotion , maybe it was a perfect sunset , the tactility of mild glowing sunshine . In the same way, you can shoot  thesurprise”“sad themes. After accumulation a lot of works, put the same emotional theme photos together, you can you will know yourself better through these photos.

Try to street photography, feel the life of passer

Ask the shooting on the street of photographer around you, then will know the fun, on the sidelines of angels to understand strangers, as if had experienced his life.

Go to the downtown, everyday thousands of people pass by, they all have different stories of different life, if life can be written as a book, this is the library.

Try new shooting skills

Even in the same place with same skill and shoot a photo same like other people, also will help growth of the skills. These photos are not a formal works, but the practice skill is more important. Usually when you just began to try always will meet failure, practice makes perfect, so don’t fear and upset. More classic skill have light paintinglong exposuredouble exposure and orbital, etc. Keep trying to use new photography skill can lead you slowly to shoot the photos can be to imagine before, in fact, as long as more try , will develop toward the direction you want.

Venturing outdoors, take leave without delay

How about a short trip Give yourself a direction, take your camera bags then go~ don’t need to care too much, don’t need actuarial details, let nature take its course. You do not need aplaned tripbut anunexpected experience. I have tried a few times such as this short trip, never disappointed. Of course it’s not the thing you can do when you have shooting mission, should be a free trip. In the last trip, I take myself to an abandoned mining town; I was deeply inspired in here, harvest a lot of inspiration.

Cooperate with others

Cooperative shooting is always full of fun, because our  imagination will collide with each other, have new spark. Cooperation partner can be a photographersmodelsfriendsneighbors even a stranger. Everyone share the goals and the technique of implementation, together consider adjust innovation, it must be have great harvest. The blow photo is I with Joshua Marale cooperation works. We hope to show a feel of confusion and lost, Joshua picked out  a dress to capture that we want to feel. We came to multiple shots in a corner; hope to express this virtual character's inner feelings.


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