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How to make your photography works catch the eyes
Datetime:2017/3/25 15:38:41
Sharing learning basic aesthetic and their relationship between the images. It’s a great help in the photography composition!

Express your view

Aesthetics is a thing that can cheerful person’s eyeball–Both in photographyoil paintingsculpture.

When identity the quality of the workswe usually judge from the photographer’s own level of control, so the photographer never judge their own works. I personally think everyone all can evaluate express , even you are not the experts in this filed, don’t afraid of expressing your opinions.

The difference between the photographer and ordinary people is not they really have eyes to find beauty, but not everyone have ability to analysis, also not everyone can explain the composition skills when shooting an exquisite photo. These skills are not found by so-calledprofessional painter, it was born in boundless universe. For example, golden section is important in the photography and painting also in the stricturemath or flower. It means that we can use some simple composition skills in shooting photos, intuitive said, most people have capacity of photography.

Leading Lines


Rule Of Thirds

There are some different with golden section, the rule of thirds is to approximate third part to picture.  As a result,  whether horizontal or vertical direction on the focus will be slightly off centre.

The four points in the pictureleft topleft bottomright topright bottom are the ideal area for place the focus. In the street photography, use top coordinate point can let the theme of picture richer and focus.


Germicidal elements can control the photo view towards. It can let the audience visual cable to follow, at the same time as the triangle and circle composition can produce dynamically.

Rule Of Odds

The above photo is an example of using the triangular composition. But it is not only the triangle can be to please the audience—the pentagon or seven angels can also performance the value of aesthetic excellently.

This rule include implicit physiology knowledge that is, although the organization and cording was easy, but for our brain that is too boring.

Breaking Symmetry

Be able to shoot the symmetry photo is a very remarkable achievement; it is easy to understand the full symmetry. In order to make this picture more interesting, you can simply add a theme element to the axis of symmetry.


The above are some basic skills, though can’t let you become a photographer, but also can help you to take out the more beautiful photos. Who says you must be having discerning eyes?  Remember, everyone has a feeling of beauty; the difference is that someone can explain the art works.

These basic aesthetic not inventive by smart people, but they complied some simple ways to let the creation more tension and overwhelming. In other words aesthetic art photos does not mean it is excellent, the aesthetic is just provide a frame to tell a good story.

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