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How to shoot the texture of the object
Datetime:2017/3/25 15:18:59
 The Oxford dictionary of texture is definedwhen you touch some surfaceobject or fabric feeling, such as rough smooth hard or soft, etc

As photographer, we are tirelessly purse performance what we see in the photos. The shoot further challenge to usnot only to let the audience know some things like what, but also  let they know how the feeling when touch this things. This requests us reflects quality in the photos.

The article introduce some classical practice object for you to learn how to shoot the object texture.

Brick wall 
Brick can be found everywhere in the rural towns, from the smooth whole to broken bricks, they form a part of our daily life. Brick wall of another not easy to found place is it shown by symmetrical shape and decorative pattern. You can try to close and shoot it from different angles.

Claire Woollam works
trees  /leaves

Claire Woollam works

In the natural there are countless opportunities to capture the texture. Some epidermises of trees are very smooth; some weather-shack desquamates, extremely coarse. Some leaves extremely grain some like nails. TO the countryside for a tripgo for a walk in the park or just attention to the street, you must will find a lot of worthy of shooting opportunities.

Oil paint

This subject must can’t leave from a through the surface of the oil paint.oil paint is used to protect and beautify or decorative surface, but can’t keep long time, always dry off, but it provides some good opportunities to shoot texture. Whether it smooth on just paint on the windowsill or old has been off the fence, all attract the camera to capture their unique side.

Claire Woollam works



Clodsolidsmoothin natural and cities have stone is good to learn texture object. Pebbly beach may not attractive like fine sand, but at the foot of a variety of shapes and sizes of the stone also has strong attraction. Luxury hotel and great architecture are widely used in marble reminds us, Stone is one of the indispensable during the shooting of a texture.

We are essential of the wood to life, also is a classic shoot texture object. From the primeval forest is made into the end product , every steps  worth to shootTwisted roots  trunk of the roughcarpenter shavings furniture of all sorts of visible knot, brush varnish ……..Always there is no lack of inspiration photographer in front of the wood.





Fabric makes up a large part of our daily life is also one of our favorite contact texture, but sometimes also is the most difficult. Soft velvetmake people feel itchy but warm woolraw silk carpetSmooth silknew cotton…..

Shooting opportunity infinite, just look what you wearing today.

Claire Woollam works



The rope may be relatively rare, but also has a variety of texture. Rough wear or smooth, slightly different size material of the rope to the photographer offers a lot of close-up chance. If you have a chance to go to fishing port, also can see some great use of the rope activity.





Smooth cold and pan with white light, or rusty and dull light, metal will easy to lose its shiny texturepresent a completely different side . Look around , find out the various metal in our life.

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