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You can take photo everywhere!
Datetime:2017/3/24 14:32:50
 You can take photo everywhereThe Foreigner can tech you the simplefunnyprofessional portrait photography.

Most people think if you want to take the professional portrait photography, it must be spend a large sum of money and in full of the equipment of the studio, actually it’s not true.

Recentlywe can see the photographer Nick Fancher shared some skills of taking professional portrait photography in the everywheremaybe it can inspire you. Now let’s try

For examplea white wall at home

A flash lamp + white wall (Photo by Nick Fancher)

Effect picture(Photo by Nick Fancher)

These lights techniques will helpful to the shooting under the limited space.For example a customer live in the 200 square homeone background plate and one flash lampmake the light more softable to take the nice photo.

The flash lamp make the light soft on the white wall

Effect picture(Photo by Nick Fancher)

You may find the previous example also used the background plate, it’s the common techniques of Nick, he has two colors of it,  white and black. It can collapsible, about 40x60” Foam Board.

The usefulness of two boards that you can make two combined to form a v-shaped to use, keep the background light out.

Sometimes you can make model standing in front of the table and white wall, use different colored lights to take the whole body and an interesting portrait.

Flash combination of three different colors.(Photo by Nick Fancher)

Effect picture(Photo by Nick Fancher)

Previous use of 3 kinds of color paper put before the flash, some students may ask different colors of light hit model in white balance should be? Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, three colors together just can become whitSo most of the models is also white light

Flash combination of two lights:Cyan and Magneta (Photo by Nick Fancher)

Effect picture(Photo by Nick Fancher)

When you learn this way of backgroundcolor and light,

you can have more change, for example, put a black V board after the Model, then using the flash light reflection from the red wall, plus another flash in the large white reflector injection downy light, forming an interestingprofessional goods photos.

SettingA White reflectora V black board a red wall and two flash lamp. (Photo by Nick Fancher)

Effect picture(Photo by Nick Fancher)

Sometimes think black or white background is too boring? You can use the projector to divert any background on the white wall, so that can be taken


Setting: a projector, a cylinder with the light flash (Photo by Nick Fancher)

Effect picture(Photo by Nick Fancher)

Effect: whether as a shot in Switzerland (Photo by Nick Fancher)

Even you have no flash lamp, just have sunshine and Black background plate of V, you also can take the portrait photo like in the studio

Setting: using the V black background plate and natural light

Effect picture(Photo by Nick Fancher)

If you want to take a completely black background, actually not difficult you need to find a darkand no sunshine to the backgroundyou also need to ensure that models are far away from the background (avoid flash exposure to background) like a normal shot and reduce exposure level 3 or above, so that the whole picture should be with black background; The next step is to use flash light to lighting the model, the output of the flash to be strong enough to make the model has a normal exposure, if a flash is not enough, can use the flash to avoid not to let the light in the background on the wall, you can add a hive cover for flash

Settingbrown wall has a good effect; A flash light the upper body model, the other light up the leg.

Effect picture(Photo by Nick Fancher)


Sometimes we have to have to add nature flowers and plants, etc.,we can use the white or black V background board and let the model stand behind the flowers and plants.
settinga black V background board

Effect picture(Photo by Nick Fancher)

If there is no assistant when shooting it's very difficult to use large reflector to downy light, then you can look for white wall for reflection flash, put the flash lamp to 2-3 feet from the wallthe the reflected light will very soft!.

setting: a white wall add flash lamp as reflect light.

Effect picture(Photo by Nick Fancher)

When you know how to apply the above skill, you can take the beautiful and professional portrait photo everywhere!

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