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2016“visico” portrait creative photography contest
Datetime:2017/3/24 14:24:59
 2016visico portrait creative photography contest

Sponsor: Shanghai photographers' association

Photographers association star branch.

co-organizer : Yuyao electronic technology co., LTD. (VISICO)

organizer: Shanghai Bainian yizhan of film and television wedding industry base.

The purpose of photography contest: Exchange image creation experience, share images of moving.

Exhibitors: facing the public filling! Welcome to photography industry professionals, professional photography and photography fans to contribute!

The manuscript requirements:

1)      All exhibition works of copyright shall be owned by contestant.

2)      Entries must be the author in recent years, depicting the Portrait photography.

Black and white color, a single set (set as a piece of work) all can work and can carries on the post-processing, image synthesis is allowed, but must be original.

3)      Each participant exhibition articles shall not exceed 8.

All participating works should be owned by the contestants all copyright.

4)      The organizers for any violation of state law, and is considered indecent entries, shall have the right to cancel its qualifications.

5)      JPG image document (more than 2400 x1600)both tiff and raw format.

Contribute way :

Please send the photography together with name telephone and address to Shanghai photographers' association star branch.  

mail 1109773705@qq.com  


Award setting

Prize VISICO5 TTL Wireless high-speed outside lights, worth 3000 RMB

Excellent award, Six. Certificate issued by the organizers and the prize(VISICO LED-20A  Roof portable photography camera lights, worth 430 RMB).

Review committee

All entries by the organizers of the photography experts and scholars review committee is responsible for the review of participating works.

All the entries by the Organizers of the photography experts and scholars review committee is responsible for the review of participating works

1.       Shanghai photography industry association :Ren Hongliang

2.       Shanghai photographers' association vice chairman : Liu kaiming

3.       Shanghai photographers' association vice chairman: Dinghe

4.       Yuyao Suopu electronic technology co., LTD. (VISICO)

general manager : Song Jun Lu

Date of reviews: In the middle of December 2016

The result of review will informed by and Winners will be announced and contacted about their prize.


During competition Will arrange relevant portrait photography activities, please pay attention toVISICO photographic equipment 】【Photographers' association of Shanghai star branch WeChat weibo and the latest news of website.

Entry Information

Ø  Please fill in all information on the form, all missing or found by false information form will not be accepted.

Ø  Photography Contest will not charge the entry fee, all the entries will not be refunded.

Ø  All the entries involves Copyright and legal liability is responsible by author .

Ø  All Shortlisted for the prize, the organizers have the right to call the original image electronic documents or film.

Ø  Keep the perpetual right on the websiteexhibition and the media published copy distributed display won exhibition award  and shortlisted entriesIn the above cases using a prizeShortlisted photosThe organizers should with the permission of the author in advance and To give the winner of any form of reward.

Ø  Final interpretation is owned by Sponsoronce join the exhibition, exhibitors regarded as read understand and agree to abide by all the exhibition rules.

Photography Contest Organizing Committee contract way

Photographers' association of Shanghai star branch.

Address:No.300 Luban road, Shanghai ,Tel: 13681964854 

Contract: Teacher Fei

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