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A flash, a soft box can take ten kinds of effects
Datetime:2017/3/24 13:37:39
 Studio lights with soft box is many photographers commonly used equipment ,but how many sets are enough? From the photography Tony Corbell teching, tech you only use a flash and a soft ,you can take ten kinds of effects

1. Designed for photographing jewelry. Put the main body on the reflector, soft box on the main body in the above ,then put a white board as fill

Light beside the main body. So that you can shoot the glittering jewelry meantime the image of main body will on the reflector.

2.  The main body oriented and lens into 90 degrees and put the soft box in front of the line of the sight that you can shot the body curve of the theme.

3.  The soft box in the front of the main body as close as to it then placed a reflector as fill light highlight the main face of the jaw line and will not result in deep shadow.

4. This method of lighting is often used in movies stills ,named Moster Light.

Put the soft box placed below the  ,at the same time facing the light source.

5. Soft box face to the lenslet the main body placed before the soft box as silhouette photographyWhen shooting  make Ev lower1-2 level to make sure the main body  affected by light completely and also let body sidewaysarms around the waist highlight the curve of face and body

6. Soft box placed on the left/right frontLight body oriented in that directionKeep the main body not far away from the backgroundthen you can use one light at same time to light the main body and background.

7. Soft box placed on the left/right frontLight body oriented in that directionthen put the large transparent material between soft box and main body.For example curtainshower curtain and so onarea is bigger than the soft box.You can build like on the big window with very soft light effect.

8. If you want to take the No.7 effect but without the appropriate toolingyou can use reflex the light through the white walls when photographing.

9. Designed for photographing still life. Setting ways of soft box is similar to the first pointbut the important point is to put the black tape with different shapes in soft box shiny surface to control the formation of the pattern when the shadow  project on the still life picture .For example ,here with black tape on the soft box put into a 「井」, let the wine bottle photographing like next to the window.

10. When taking photos for many people let the soft box placed between the camera and the subject about 45 degrees  soft box about 45 the distance need father and do not to let the lighting direction to the main body directlymake the light in everyone body in average.

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