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Let the picture no longer color
Datetime:2017/3/24 11:13:42
 Although the camera white balance now has been very accuratemany times still ambient lightt he photos will partial colorhow to restore the really colorIt’s important to find the gray in the picture. However when photographing because of the time in a hurry can not to find gray, then you can also adjust the color at late, this time share late correction partial color skills, hope to help everyone~

18% gray is a important concept in photograph,Why is 18% grayHow to get this numberIt based on the blackest substance in our lives, If the reflectivity of the bottom ash is 3%, the brightest material such as snow’s reflectivity is 96%,with the relationship of 2 times with brightness, from darkest of 3%6%12%24%48%96%18% is just in the middle of 12% and 24%.That is from darkest 3% to brightest 96%,18% in the middle of that. The exposure of the camera according to the median as a reference

There a large number of 18% ash in the background, Exposure is very exactly.

Gray’s function in default type 

The important of gray is not only in camera photographing, it same important in the late colour correction,for example Photoshop software, correct the color deviation,that is 18%ashto check the color is very convenient. We can find a lot of such applications in the Photoshop.

First skillautomatic the color

In Photoshop have an automatic function of color, suitable for novice, color correction is very convenient, the picture below as example

Affected by light indoorspartial color serious

click menupictureautomatic color” ,after that, you can see the partial color photos is back to normal tone at the moment.The picture in black white ash become normal. Isn’t is amazingActually this is use reductive picture inblack and white ash to reply partial color photos and this adjustment is only suitable for the picture have clear pictures of black and white ash. Sometimes you will feel a function not workthat That's because the picture in black and white ash element lack no reference standards

Second skillFind the grey for yourself

      If you find it not very not exactly to correct the photos by automatic color function, you can also set your own image in gray .If you are photographing, you are clear in your mind,  a location in the picture color is very close to grey, then you can set the point to gray.

Still use the above photo for example, we can set up the walls of a certain position is grey Open curve adjustment tool (point the menu: image adjustment curve), in the pop-up menu, we saw the show in the histogram below three straw using the middle straws (the straws on behalf of the gray) this gray color calibration is more the color of the picture.

 Using gray straw click the mouse where you think is gray, now you see the color of the picture seems to use automatic color more accurate than the first This is because you know what you're photographing picture place nearest to the gray for the image gray , then the color of the photo calibration

Skill thirdFlexible Mastery

The above two is too simple? Both of which can deal with most situations, but is not everything Because a lot of times you also don't know when photographing pictures, also did not notice the picture of the relations between black and white ash There are all rely on computers, not very accurate Will the magic weapon of the successful initiative is yourself The following method is to use the principle to the color of neutral grey, same have mastered it, you will be able to grasp the initiative.

1.open the adjustable picture in Phtoshopin a layers panel,copy a layer in background.Then click the menu:“imageadjust match color”, set the parameters below.Notice:need to check“”

2.After this step,
partial color picture perception problem has improved a lot,but the image darker.Next we need to highlight the picture.Click the menuimageadjust apply image parameter settings below. Set the Opacity to 30%

3.Now the color of the picture it's still not too accurate, through the background gray metope can see out, continue to adjust. Create a new layer in the layer palette, and then press the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E sealing layer. Then open the channels palette, click on the green channel, hold down theCtr and at the same time use the mouse to click on the green channel, loading the green channel selection Then press Ctrl + C to copy
After completing the above a series of operation, click on the channel on the front panel RGB layer to restore normal displayback to the layer panel. Press Ctrl + V to paste, choose in the layer blending mode toscreenand opacity instead of 20%.

4.According to the step of the operation method, and then use the same steps for the red channel panel and blue channel respectively, One of the red channel of the blend mode to soft light, Opacity35%Blue channel blend mode to screen and opacity 20%.

Through the three channels operation, now we can see that the color is more bright characters, the skin a more natural to them and the color of the characters actually basically belongs to the normal light color. But the panel of the characters is a bit less rosy, below for more details on the color processing, make the color in the picture effect good

5.In the layers palette to create a new layer, sealing layer
press shortcut keys “Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E”

Open the channels panel, click on the green channel, click the green channel
pressCtrl + A selection, press Ctrl + C to copy. Click the blue channel, press Ctrl + V to paste to the layers panel, click on the RGB layer, we can see color has become some pink, we change the opacity to20%.

Sealing layer after finish the above settings (according to the shortcuts“Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E”)
Then point the menu: image→ the image application parameter settings as follows, now look at skin color is a little red.

Picture adjustment is over now, compared with the original pictures, partial color problem got obvious improvement. In the whole process of the adjustment of color adjustment, we didn't do a step in the process of adjustment ,also picture of light and shade relations for the repair , We are in the process of adjustment is not use the gray setting in directly , but the whole process is grey. This way to repair partial color photographs that applies to a variety of partial color photographs . Just in the process of operation to slightly do adjustment according to the actual situation, such as use of the channel.

To the problem of partial color, we can only close to restore to the color of the real scene Sometimes can be a little color tendency, but the orientation is based in our relatively accurate color.

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