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Datetime:2017/3/24 11:05:11

studio photography can creat a visible image immediatelybut at the same time it also bring some invisible characteristic——This objtct is plane or solid

It’s appearance is rough or smoothit is heavy like stone or light as a featherProvided to make the viewer have intuitive understanding on the subject in the photo,This requires the photographers has overall control on the light——It has high artist value in the studio photography. In reality we can photographing of any object, and every scene let photographer facing the same problemthat is to tell a story let the atmosphere activeor simply to describe this objectwant to highlight which characteristicsfind the characteristics on subjects is very importantit can be the outline of the subject transmission of light surface texturecolor or and so on. Our brain to used to understand an object as a whole, but we need to find the particularity on object when photographing and highlight it.

The picture is emphasis on the outline of the flower

First we will notice a object whether have clear outline.We can easily identity a bicycle, a egg or the outline of egg-beater,but for a football or a refrigerator,it not easy to identity just on the outline.First we need to determine how important the silhouette is. Emphasizes the outline is to ensure that there are as high as possible contrast between object and background, that is to say, before the dark background can outline a clear object, and vice versa. If you are using diffuse light, the first factor will depend on whether can find a suitable to the background of the sharp contrast

Stressed is the shape and structure of the picture

We can use the side along the light which outline profile perfectly. It’s best to put a light spot on the back of the object. If picture is too small,  can't cover the light, you can put the object on a dark background, and put the spot light and two sideways lighting from behind. Come so, the spotlight from the side, will hit the outer edge of the object .This way of lighting is called the dark field illumination. Here you can use a small flashlight can solve the problem, because it's beam divergence.


Silhouette after consideration is shape, here refers to the object of plasticity characteristics. This requires that the vertical light and clear shadow, so we choose the side light. Objects formed by itself can show the shape and the shadow of the stereo feeling. We will contrast of bright and dark is used as the measuring your subject three-dimensional volume of information. The greater the contrast, the greater the volume of an object. As we can purposefully control contrast, so we can control at will space feeling.

Face shadows produced a three-dimensional effect. Through the contrast we can see the shape of the object.

If you want to determine the shape of the object, we can also according to the transition from light to shadow shape. Soft smooth transition from the round object, clear the shadows from the corners and edges. It is important to note that the image to a light on one side of the foil were clearly from the background, but also keep shape don't go out of form. If the foreground and background overlap together, can increase a low power background light. This kind of background light can guarantee continuous light ladder level, not emphasize a particular strength. In addition, the mini studio soft material role is limited to highlight the object shape, this needs from one side with strong light, at the same time in the opposite position as far as possible to keep out, the method of absorption of diffuse light


Surface structure can be shaped by the side of the strong light .Angle between 30 ~ 90 is likely to be correct, depending on the characteristics of the surface .For rough surface, a relatively flat Angle is very suitable for, because it can reduce the loss of shadows in the picture If the plane is just slightly rough, the lights are needed to his 90 Angle from the side, which will make clear in the shadows .For rich surface structure, highlight on the image can make the surface details clearly visible Surface structure is not that important, usually don't have to be in its list of total exposure, juts feel it, don’t need more.

Above is the rough surface or without luster, if the surface is able to reflect or shiny objects, the situation is completely different .Surface is smooth and shiny object will distract our attention, we cannot immediately noticed the outline of objects or shapes. Ceramic and glass will fall into this category is difficult to grasp the subject.

Many glass products as belong to a masterpiece, the works of the subject because the transmission of light and the combination of the reflective brings great difficulties to photography

Reflection is not always unwelcome. Using the reflection light as the object model, in this way we know a lot of the shape of the object. We can use reflection to objects beyond itself in the image into the image. Of course this also is in the form of light source, or more specifically, in the form of diffuse. It also can be used for shaping. For example——The photograph most popular plane light in studio photography, it’s easy to recognize in the rectangular reflection. Make your own diffuser, but also determines the shape of it .We can use reflection in image shaping, even can imitate a window: Cut the opaque cardboard into a cross frame on the window then positioned in front of the light source, making it a visual reflection.

Glass and metal

The surface of the metal objects each are not identical .Clear smooth in structure and high brightness of polishing processing exists in the form of a lot of intermediate form. Reflective object is particularly tricky, because through the reflective object can not only reflect light, also can reflect a part of the space, even including the photographer. The reflected light in the image processing program can be difficult to remove, it will be carefully.

Perfect studio photographThe modelling of contracted acme let the viewer have strong interested in champagne.

Reflection to follow simple physicsAngle of incidence is equal to the Angle of reflection. is easy to avoid, by changing the light source or the position of the camera, that can make a reflection disappeared. But if it is a round object, would complicate the problem. Because by the changes of the light source, the reflected light can only change their position, and can't really disappear from the image .If you want to let the reflected light disappear, the light should be from the optical axis as far as possible, this also applies in the plane.  Placed on a black background plate in direct light close to the light source, light transmission direction will be changed accordingly.


Glass is the best of all product photography requires skill, because it has transparent and reflective at the same time two properties. For glass products, will reflected in the front of the object ,the back and  interior of the object will also on reflection .For polishing glass, we don't want to have reflection phenomenon in every single abrasive surface. Though this material is not transparent, but it is pervious to light, It is easy to distinguish the silhouette. Besides, we don’t need very carefully to pay attention to the background

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