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Master the balance between the color and composition
Datetime:2017/3/24 10:20:53
 The composition of imagery ,usually include the color and content of composition ,Many times relative to scenery photography, portrait creation controllability is higher in these two parts, and the appropriate color and composition of the match include the background colormodel dress of color collocation etc., and combined with the composition .Can make a impressive visual effect to readers.

But the color of the real environment, it is not only the hue ring shown in 24 kinds of color, can also according to the chroma and hue, lightness three attributes, change the other different color, different color attribute, also affects the work atmosphere and mood. Because of the focus of the book is not chromatology, just share my experience .Other shooting style at the back of the book, will also to the parts of colors, making pre - Planning description. 

Tall lightness, give a person pure and fresh the sacred feeling of justice

Low lightness: bring a person the sense of the mysterious noble evil

High chroma: bring a person cheerful abundant lovely feeling

Low chroma, bring a person quiet simple naive sense


The image balance and weight control

When using micro monocular camera or DC, often find they have a function, we can appear in the preview of the LCD screen, two horizontal and two vertical zigzag lines, provide the photographer for composition This two horizontal and two vertical thin line, the image geometric is divided into nine, in addition to being able to quickly let the photographer for horizontal alignment, can also convenient take use of tic-tac-toe line for composition. For example as the following

Let the model stand in the middle of the picture ,make a stable balance of the picture, which is also known as the central focus of composition.

Use Tic-tac-toe line as evolution, can be quickly diagonal composition and triangular composition.

▲To cross the intersection of as the focus, the head model for them, make its position slightly to the left or right, leave more white space.

Why put a model to tic-tac-toe staggered line on the vision more pleasing to the eye? If you put the model more edge it will feel very strange, it is associated with the golden ratio in an introduction to the design, because of the people or objects such as focus is put on 0.618 one-third of the pictureposition, will be more accord with the aesthetic concept of the human eye.

The basic concept of weight

General beginner photographers, will be quick to accept the idea of tic-tac-toe composition, but the image of the hidden weight concept is fuzzy, in this to compare several simple picture illustration

▲A picture of a white bottom, have two same area big circle, on the left is pure black, the right is 10% gray, it seems images will be dumping to the left, because the color of the black circle are heavier on the left

▲A picture of a white bottom, the left is a large black circle, the right for a small black circle, the overall look, the image will be to the left, because the left black circle area is larger, it looks heavy

▲In the picture of a white bottom. On the left is 10% gray and the big circle, with larger area for pure small black circle on the right, at this time images for the balance, because the left circle a larger area offset the right dark color, so the viewer can feel the picture is balanced.

From the above three pictures we can understand clearly, images of larger area and contrast of the heavier objects, the heavier weight, so in addition to making use of tic-tac-toe composition method can achieve the balance of the picture (imbalance), can also use the weights for the balance of the picture (imbalance) Just started to learn portrait photography of beginners, the idea of how to learn the weight? The most simple way, is the reference pictures of predecessors, turning it into black and white (grayscale), weight can be easily analysis.

Horizontal is a basis to understand the concept, when there is a left to right in the image through the line of the whole image, is the horizon. The line is probably the entire mountain road or sea level is the edge of the window wall. In composition, as far as possible to make its level for 180 degrees, can achieve stable composition. Symmetry is also commonly used in portrait photography, both left and right sides is symmetrical, such as the model stand at the side of the reflection of the mirror, or symmetrical, such as shooting reflection in the water., also can achieve the goal of stable composition

▲MDJulia Lion

Stability and tension


Different stability and tension of the lens focal length, can bring different interest and tension for work, new photographers can simply think that the difference of short focal length and long period of lens, is closer to pull away, but in fact short focal length and long section of the screen, has a very interesting gap. Short focal length lens, for wide Angle lens, shooting effect of the vanishing point for the central distance, around the image edge, there will be exaggerated deformation effect, the lens is wider, the more obvious, suitable for shooting images of rich tension; a long shot focal lens,is telephoto lens, the imaging of the vanishing point is not obvious, the image obtained proportion was close to the real condition of the original, suitable for calm and steady image.

▲Using different focal length, can make the work rhythm, more rich and diverse.

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