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Use opportunely details, capture like delicate beauty
Datetime:2017/3/23 11:12:07
 We often see in magazines or TV in some stunning portrait, or majestic Or beautiful, let countless photographers and hobby photography people envy If I could make such a film I'm afraid ……”it's all photographers see inside of good photos.

 Here to share a few simple portrait photography, hope to help the masses of the photographers and photography enthusiasts, shoot a portrait of their own as soon as possible. 

f/2.8 1/2000 second ISO320 Focal length200mm PhotographyLaura

Some people sayphotography, is painting in lightof course,  the significance of light to photography very important. As long as light right, we can shoot a tough girl like a lovely girl, also can shoot a warm man like a tough man. In portraits photographs, if you can skillful use of front light side lightclip light, it will be more favorable to shape of characters in the photos.

f/8 1/125second  ISO100 Focal length85mm PhotographySebastian Kim

We usually shoot a men use a hard light. The above photo is side of the light.When shooting the light from the side, increased facial contrast, can highlight the men's high stand nose and hale facial contour, appeared masculinity is dye-in-the-wood. Also pay attention to choose light focus when shooting low profile portrait to avoid the phenomenon of excessive exposure. The women is the opposite, the softer the better. Usually use the light position of front light, The direct light from the front, model face under uniform illumination, in such a light, your subject by light evenly, no shadow, color saturation, the tone is soft. Although the lack of the strong contrast between light and shade, hierarchy and stereo feeling, but is more suitable for women with feminine side

f/3.5 1/1250 second  ISO100 Focal length62mm PhotographyLaura

Above photo in the shooting process does not use flashlight, the sun through the clouds of multiple refraction has become quite soft, like a giant soft box. Model facing the sun, facial clothing be uniformly illuminated, belong to the same suitable light.

Except the above basic light position, still have many advanced light, such as triangle lightingbutterfly lighting crocodile lighting and so on, can according to the interest in learning itself. Besides, we do not necessarily need relatively expensive flash light, choose the  prices are relatively moderate and more convenient flashlight with reflector or soft light umbrella is enough .

Any scenario can shoot a blockbuster

Left f/8 1/200  second ISO100   Focal length70mm      PhotographyLaura

 Right f/3.5 1/60  second ISO50  Focal length85mm ND.6 PhotographyJoey

The above two pictures are all shoot in the outdoor, difference outside environment with difference lighting skills and scenario selection can also shoot the photos of the prominent themes and ideas. The left photo scene choose in the street of London street. Wall plastered with the old posters that make this wall have qualitative feeling very much sunshine direct the man’s face, form a area light, light model face in the meantime will be increase the contrast of photos .The right photo drove to the path of Bolivia's the road to deathgrand canyon, shoot the farmers living there. When shooting use the flashlight, but at that time the sun light is too strong,  and in order to shoot the contrast of the light in facial model and texture, the authors use a ND lens to reduce the exposure, dark the whole picture, through flash exposure makes the character's facial more stereo feeling.

f/5.6 1/200 second ISO100 Focal length35mm PhotographyLaura

Sometimes in order to make the photo more content, can let the model  appropriate integration and interaction with the surrounding environment, increase the story of the photo. In the above photo, a girl was dressed in black cloth, crouching behind a statue of birds, with the yellow leaves in the distance, bleak and mysterious, can let a person think of black fairy tale of the west, increases the readability of the photo.

In the early stage of the shooting , maybe because of the various reasons  that the photo can not reach the excepted effect. At this time we can use later technology to improve the picture visual effect. Later technology for photographers, just like girls make up, since can be more beautiful, why not to do

f/3.2 1/125 second ISO2500 Focal length85mm PhotographyLaura

In the above photo we can obviously see the changes of origin photo and after the late modification photo. Original color temperature is warmer, and contrast is smaller, the overall slightly dullBut after the late modification photo’s color temperature slants cold obviously, increase the contrast and brightness, saturation. Relative to the origin photo on the left, the right photo significantly more powerful on the vision

f/4 1/125 second ISO200 Focal length70mm PhotographyJoey

Post-Processing not only confined to the late toning, still can use the material to late photo synthesis .Synthesis skill is applied to more creative photographs, pictured above, put the prepared smoke material on the picture in the right place then can and transparent way by changing the layer's blending mode to make it look more natural

Above is the summary for everyone some portraits of tricks, I hope everyone can take out the camera immediately to have a try, maybe will make out different photo ~

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