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All the people are crazy shooting total lunar eclipse, just missing you!!!
Datetime:2017/3/23 10:59:30

All the people are crazy shooting total lunar eclipse, just missing you!!!


We have been wait for a long time, finally the total lunar eclipse came, V can’t control the excited mood for the photography enthusiasts summary oftotal lunar eclipse of photography little secret

Exposure rules: shutter:1/125 secondaperture F8ISO:100 This is the general rule of shooting moon. When you in the process of shooting the total lunar eclipse, you can according to the specific technique of expression, adjust exposure parameters, if you want to achieve the better shutter speed, you can increased ISO to 50.


Focusing: Here the general photography enthusiasts need to note of avoiding by all means use autofocus function. When shooting moon, some camera autofocus ability may be failure, while the autofocus will be more reliable, you can just only to put the lens adjust to infinity closed then slightly some back again. V suggest you to open the focusing on live view function


When you master these two points, ensure you will shoot the beautiful total lunar eclipse photos


If you want to shoot the near people with total lunar eclipse, you can use proper flashlight to fill-in light, V advice you can take small and exquisite shooting photos with outdoor flashlight VISICO VLP.
If you want to shoot “lunar eclipse irregular borehole, choose for several times in the same picture exposure camera and a wide angle lens, and prepared the tripod to a fixed camera, shoot every 15 minutes or so, then you can get the unique effect of “lunar eclipse irregular borehole”. Of course you can also use late processing method of superposition, let the whole process of total lunar eclipse

Render in a photo.

Tonight on Oct. 8, 2014!

Moon enters penumbra: 16:14 the moon into the earth’s penumbral

First contact: 17:14    the moon began to enter into the earth’s umbra

Second contact: 18:25   the entire moon enters the earth's umbra 

Middle of eclipse: 18:55   the moon’s center closest to the earth’s umbra

Third contact: 19:25   the moon began to get out of the earth’ umbra

Partial eclipse ends: 20:35   the moon all began to get out of the earth’ umbra
Moon leaves penumbra: 21:35   the moon all began to get out of the earth’s penumbra

Form second contact to third contact is duration of totality, that is 18:25-19:25 can see the redBlood moon. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to photography.

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